Designated in 2019 as a Unique Place.

Nominator: Albert Taylor

Beothuk Lake has a place in the collective imagination of this province. It has been a place of refuge and a place of promise. The Beothuk spent the last years of their existence on the shores of Beothuk Lake. A century later, as the railway pushed into the interior of the island, Lewis Miller started a logging operation here. The town named after him would be settled by fishermen who traded skiffs and fishing premises for saws and logging camps. Two decades later a mine was established on the northern shore of Beothuk Lake and Buchans was quickly developed, along with a “company town” way of life. The railway town of Buchans Junction developed as a branch line from the main railroad was constructed to transport equipment and minerals to and from Buchans mine. At first glance, these four communities have little in common. But they all have a story to tell about how a hinterland became home.