Heritage NL designates what it deems to be the best examples of heritage structures in the province – those it finds to be worthy of commemoration and protection. Designation by Heritage NL is commemorative only and does not place any particular restrictions on the owner. However, to maintain its heritage status, a building must retain its heritage character. Legal owners of heritage properties can apply for designation to Heritage NL.

Registered Heritage Structures are generally heritage buildings or engineering works that are good examples of their type in a good state of preservation and which help to tell the diverse stories of Newfoundland and Labrador. When assessing new applications, the Board of Directors will give priority to:

  • Structures located in areas that have been under-represented in previous designation cycles, including Western and Central Newfoundland, and Labrador;
  • Structures that represent themes that have been under-represented in previous designation cycles, including Indigenous history, women’s history, and multi-ethnic heritage;
  • Structures that represent outstanding examples of the built heritage of the Modern/Industrial period, or agricultural site history;
  • Sites which include significant cultural landscapes as part of the designation.

What Does Designation Mean?

  • The property owner agrees to maintain the heritage character of the property including the use of historical building materials.
  • The property owner maintains all rights to the building and is able to adapt the building as long as any changes are in keeping with its heritage character and integrity and the owner consults with Heritage NL.
  • The owner becomes eligible for restoration and maintenance grants. A building must be designated prior to submission of a grant application.
  • A plaque, owned by Heritage NL, will be placed on the building that tells of its historical significance.
  • The structure is listed on the Provincial Register of Historic Places.

How Do I Apply?

  • As a first step, contact Heritage NL to discuss your property.
  • Determine if the structure fits one or more of the priority areas listed above.
  • Complete an application for designation including as much information as possible on the building: age, builder, style, uses over time, inhabitants, associations with the life and history of the community or province, stories and oral accounts associated with the property and known alterations to the property over time.
  • Inclusion of proof of legal ownership and photos and other documentation on the exterior and interior including current and historic photos.

Registered Heritage Structure Designation Application – download as Word doc

For additional information contact info@heritagenl.ca