NOTE: Application process currently closed. We will update early 2022.

Registered Heritage Districts Program

A Registered Heritage District is a significant collection of heritage structures and/or cultural landscape elements within a defined area that may comprise a neighbourhood or even an entire community.  It captures an important aspect of Newfoundland and Labrador’s history and comprises heritage structures, circulation routes (roadways and paths), and/or cultural landscape elements that have an important story to tell and that are unified by past events, use and/or architecture.  While a Registered Heritage District may include non-heritage elements, it must have a significant level of remaining heritage fabric or character that conveys a sense of history. Cultural landscapes may also be considered on their own that may not have remaining heritage structures, but which may embody places that have significant historical or spiritual meaning such as a location of former habitation or cultural use.

Registered Heritage District designation is commemorative only, but participating communities are encouraged to develop and implement protective measures for the heritage features in the District and to use the designation as a tool for community development and rejuvenation.

Currently, there are six Registered Heritage Districts in Newfoundland and Labrador that embody a variety of provincial themes:

A first step toward Heritage District Designation includes completing a “People, Places and Culture” community heritage mapping exercise and inventory.

An application for Registered Heritage District designation begins with an inquiry which may be followed by heritage mapping exercises and a formal expression of interest. Please contact Dale Jarvis, Executive Director, at (709) 739-1892 ext. 1 or for more information.