(Listed in order of most recent to oldest)


May 2024 – Heritage NL Celebrates 40th Anniversary

May 2024 – Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador celebrates 40 years

April 2024 – Our Lady of Mercy Heritage Church Nominated for Next Great Save Competition

February 2024 – Heritage NL Announces Winners of Heritage Places Poster Contest

January 2024 – This Labrador school is now a recognized heritage structure, and its former students are nostalgic

January 2024 – Three Properties Designated as Heritage Structures Across Province

January 2024 – Properties in Heart’s Content, Burin and former Labrador fishing village designated as heritage structures


December 2023 – Mummering Remains Popular Tradition in Some NL Communities

December 2023 – ‘It’s like magic’: 15th Annual Mummers Parade kicks off at Bowring Park in St. John’s, bringing together seasoned mummers and newcomers

December 2023 – The Current – saving traditional Newfoundland crafts

November 2023 – Heritage NL Earns Governor General Award

October 2023 – Heritage NL Spotlights Tilting’s “Hidden Gems” with New Report

September 2023 – Heritage NL Makes Governor General’s Short List

August 2023 – Heritage NL Looking for Stories from Avondale Railway Station

August 2023 – Reviving traditions: local workshops breathing new life into endangered crafts of Newfoundland and Labrador

July 2023 – “The Road Less Travelled”

July 2023 – Gale Carding Mill Named Designated Heritage Structure

June 2023 – This not sorcery: From joint pain to cold and flu remedies, folk medicine has been providing homegrown treatments for generations of Atlantic Canadians

May 2023 – Historical sites getting a women-centric revamp, says Heritage N.L.

May 2023 – Lessons From the Loom

May 2023 – Dale Jarvis’s keynote address at this year’s MNL Symposium

May 2023 – Humber Valley Skills Inventory

April 2023 – Early Easter hampers Newfoundland tradition of eating seal flippers on Good Friday

March 2023 – Where the Irish ends and the Newfoundlander begins

February 2023 – Grand Falls House designated as a registered heritage structure by Heritage N.L

February 2023 – Both Sides Now

February 2023 – Heritage NL Adds Prominent Aviator to Historic Commemorations Program

February 2023 – Crafts at risk: The race to preserve traditional skills before they are lost forever

February 2023 – Heritage NL Places and Poster Contest winner

February 2023 – Grand Falls House Foundation Looking to Develop Historic Structure

February 2023 – Grand Falls House Receives Official Heritage Structure Designation

February 2023 – Historic house in Grand Falls-Windsor awarded heritage designation

January 2023 – Folklorist Highlights Local “Ribbon Fools” Tradition


December 2022 – Mired in disputes about its fate, historic St. John’s cottage destroyed by fire

December 2022 – Heritage building destroyed by overnight fire

November 2022 – Harbour Grace Releases Heritage District Development Plan

November 2022 – Newfoundland’s fishing towns were built to survive, but Fiona changed the game

October 2022 – The Charmer of Charlottetown: A folk healer and the power of belief

August 2022 – Pouch Cove Heritage Society and Heritage NL Working on Revitalization of Clifton Lodge

August 2022 – Colours of the past: Heritage Foundation relaunches historic paint palette

June 2022 – Heritage NL Keeping Endangered Crafts Alive Through Mentor-Apprentice Program

July 2022 – Heritage NL, Pilley’s Island Come Home Year Committee Unveiling Plaque to Mark Heritage Structures

July 2022 – Heritage NL Releases Online Exhibition on Root Cellars

July 2022 – New virtual exhibit highlights history of Newfoundland and Labrador’s root cellars

July 2022 – Keeping history alive at Kent Cottage

April 2022 – Heritage NL Partners with Paint Shop to Highlight Traditional Colours Used in Province

April 2022 – Heritage NL Announce Updated Funding Program for Heritage Structure Maintenance

March 2022 – Heritage NL Reveals Four New Historical Properties

March 2022 – N.L. girls, women working as domestic labourers in 1900s were the ‘difference between food and hunger’ for outport families

March 2022 – Heritage NL to Release Video Showing How to Make Traditional St. Patrick’s Day Candy

March 2022 – Heritage NL Hoping Church Buildings Sold in RC Settlement Will Be Preserved

February 2022 – Closure of Church Buildings Highlights Built Heritage Challenges

February 2022 – Heritage NL names new Registered Heritage Structures

February 2022 – Preserving NL’s Built Heritage is Key to Its Future

February 2022 – These fences are endangered in N.L., but a Ferryland handyman wants to help them prosper

January 2022 – A new kind of ‘hands on’ learning

January 2022 – Air apparent: Newfoundland piper learning how to make Irish bagpipes from Carbonear master craftsman

January 2022- Vacant for 50 years, one of Newfoundland’s oldest residential buildings is getting some TLC


December 2021 – Some N.L. crafts are facing extinction, and this heritage project wants to save them

November 2021 – Heritage NL Compiling Information for Lebanese-Newfoundland Presentation

November 2021 – Heritage N.L. project honours legacies of Lebanese businesses in St. John’s

November 2021 – Heritage NL, Craft Council Developing Program to Keep Traditional Craft Skills Alive in Province

August 2021 – Salvage Fisherman’s Museum to Receive Plaque in Recognition of Heritage Designation

August 2021 – Historic Newfoundland museum given heritage structure status

August 2021 – Conservation Corps Green Team Clean Up Headstones at Immaculate Conception Cemetery

May 2021 – Newfoundland Ranger Force, Nish Rumboldt to Be Recognized by Heritage NL

March 2021 – Dale Jarvis Named Next Executive Director of Heritage NL

January 2021 – Heritage NL Onboard with Adaptive Reuse to Help Preserve Heritage Structures


December 2020 – Bringing back the past: Robert Burgess is restoring his family’s buildings and a community’s history

December 2020 – Harbour Grace to Revitalize Heritage District with New Master Plan

December 2020 – Heritage Foundation Working to Identify Cannon in Harbour Main

October 2020 – Heritage NL Hoping Historic Fire Hall Building Will Be Preserved

July 2020 – Historic Twillingate Church Celebrates 175th Anniversary

May 2020 – N.L. archive collecting stories, art from ongoing coronavirus outbreak and past pandemics

May 2020 – Heritage NL Seeking Baccalieu Trail ‘Hidden Gems’

May 2020 – Hidden Gem Hunter Digs Up Heritage Along Baccalieu Trail

April 2020 – Bay Roberts Shares Community Stories Online with Virtual Museum

March 2020 – The Rooms to Host Come Home Café on Tilting’s Irish Heritage

February 2020 – Neglected Bowring Park bridge ‘as significant as Cabot Tower’

February 2020 – Saltbox vs Biscuit Box: Exploring NL’s Most Iconic Structures

January 2020 – Wintertime Memories Discussed at Monthly Mug-Up


December 2019 – Mummer’s Play Should See Reinvention, says Folklorist

December 2019 – Tibb’s Eve a Uniquely Newfoundland Way to Start the Holidays

December 2019 – How outlandish costumes bring Newfoundlanders together each holiday season

November 2019 – Heritage Property Baird Cottage at Heart of $8.7-Million Court Challenge

October 2019 – Dale Jarvis uses storytelling and folklore to capture intangible cultural heritage

October 2019 – Is Your Community the Saltbox Capital of NL?

October 2019 – Intangible cultural heritage earns tangible award — and cash — for Heritage NL

September 2019 – Jeonju International Awards for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage

September 2019 – In less than 60 years, more than half St. John’s historic buildings have been lost

September 2019 – Think you know what a saltbox house looks like? Think again

August 2019 – Craft at Risk

August 2019 – They Saw the Sign: Attic Discovery Prompts Questions from Family

August 2019 – More designations of heritage structures in Bonavista NL

July 2019 – 275 Duckworth Street Reunion

July 2019 – Craft Council hopes to get more info on its new, historic home

June 2019 – Did you work at 275 Duckworth St. in St. John’s?

April 2019 – Restoration Underway For Legge Homestead In Cartyville

February 2019 – New virtual exhibit details the history of Windsor’s shopping district

January 2019 – No vet? No problem. Meet Dave Dunn, who stitched up his horse with buttons


October 2018 – Hidden sign reveals history of influential Jewish couple in St. John’s

October 2018 – Demolition of heritage building Waterford Manor underway

October 2018 – This historic Newfoundland church is getting a second act — as a brewery

August 2018 – Is the bay being bedazzled by Jellybean Row colours and losing its unique identity?

March 2018 – Collective Memories Project visits Cartwright

March 2018 – Heritage poster contest keeps history alive for school students

February 2018 – Pleased with Posters


December 2017 – New booklet shares ‘Boyhood Memories of Salmon Cove’

October 2017 – ‘Folk Cures and Practical Magic’ launched in Spaniard’s Bay

October 2017 – NL Heritage Foundation releasing booklet on Port Blandford’s old shops

October 2017 – Fire burning at heritage building

September 2017 – Collecting memories of the merchants and local shops of Windsor

September 2017 – The Collective Memories Project is looking for contributions

September 2017 – St. John’s modernist architecture ‘at risk,’ warns province’s heritage foundation

September 2017 – Old stories, new residents

September 2017 – Fear the fairies

July 2017 – Cultural Heritage Office goes on road to collect local stories

April 2017 – Abir’s baklava class: Syrian immigrant shares dessert secrets

March 2017 – Stories of shopping in old St. John’s wanted at Merchants and Memories Mug Up event

February 2017 – Celebrate Newfoundland and Labrador’s heritage through social media

February 2017 – ‘When I smell kerosene or jet fuel, I automatically think of home’


December 2015 – ‘Any mummers ‘lowed in?’ Keeping a Christmas tradition alive in Newfoundland

November 2015 – Guy Fawkes: How some communities are keeping a burning tradition

March 2015 – Port Union gets boost, part of province’s hydro history