St. John’s Ecclesiastical District – City of St. John’s Heritage District

St. John's, NL

City of St. John's Heritage Building, Structure, Land, or Area


The St. John’s Ecclesiastical District is a large, linear shaped parcel of land located in the center of St. John’s, in the one of the oldest sections of town. This district includes churches, convents, monasteries, schools, fraternal meeting houses and cemeteries and evokes a visual panorama of imposing masonry buildings of varying architectural styles. Within this organically patterned landscape and generous open spaces are some of the province’s most important 19th century “mother churches”, including representatives from most major denominations prevalent in Newfoundland and Labrador. The buildings vary in size, scale and formality and the district exemplifies its strong educational thrust through the continued uses of many of the buildings for their intended purposes, such as the schools and churches. The district spans an area of more than 61 acres. The natural evolution of the area is evident through its architecture and mature green space. Newer buildings included within the district boundaries have been designed to be sympathetic to the styles of the original buildings. The designation is purely commemorative and includes all buildings, lands, landscape features, structures and remains within the boundaries.

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